Our Self Storage syndications are in process of value-add acquisitions, and ground-up developments in very promising markets around the USA. These facilities will generate consistent monthly cash flow and investors will share an upside potential from refinance and eventual sale. These projects are a great investment for those interested in earning passive income, a very healthy upside potential and year one depreciation. These are for accredited-investors only at present time. See below to learn about the definitions of an accredited investor and requirements for being an investor in our projects.


Minimum Investment


Equity Split in Favor of Investors

4-5 year

Equity Split in Favor of Investors


Lantern Light Cherry

Investment Criteria

Lantern Light Capital welcomes accredited investors to invest in value-add acquisitions and ground up developments in key markets around the country. We only invest and develop well-vetted Self Storage opportunities. These allow our investors to minimize their risk, potentially earn better returns, and do this in a streamlined and minimally complex manner to maximize education and understanding of the process. Lantern Light puts every investment through an extension due diligence checklist, and employs industry-leading experts like Self Storage 101/Copper studies and other to vet every deal to the absolute best available data and analysis. Everything is done with a key focus on maximizing returns and mitigating risk. Here are the details of what , in general, are required to be considered as an investment for a Lantern Light Capital project.

Under performing facilities with multiple opportunities for value addition

No website or marketing, no SEO efforts

No existing technology to manage facility (eg...paper-only)

At least eight square-foot per capita at 1,3,5 miles radius

Traffic count of at least 15,000 vehicles per day

Not in a flood zone, no or minimal wetlands

Up trending population and income in the area

Demand study on each deal done via professionals, (eg...Copper Studies)

Not in a flood zone, no or minimal wetlands

Targeted Fund Returns


annualized returns

4-5 year

target hold period


cash flow


targeted equity multiple

Cash Flow Projections

Lantern Light cash flow is distributed on a quarterly basis, AFTER project stabilization. This means that for a ground up development, cash flow begins once stabilization, eg…’break even’ has occurred. for new builds, this usually occurs between 18-24 months.  For Value add facilities, eg, those that are already operational, cash flow begins much sooner as stabilization often is at time of close, or after 6 months of closing depending on capital expenditures.


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