How To Add Value to a Self-Storage Facility

At Lantern Light Capital, our team is dedicated to enhancing the value of the storage facilities we acquire. We focus on the following ten strategies to ensure we maximize returns for our investors:


Streamlined Management: Our experienced team optimizes facility operations, enhancing customer service and utilizing state-of-the-art management software to ensure seamless administration.

  1. Boosting Occupancy: We implement targeted marketing campaigns, create attractive promotions, and actively participate in local events to increase our facilities’ visibility and attract new customers.

  2. Competitive Rental Rates: We continuously monitor local market trends and adjust our pricing strategies to remain competitive, helping to maximize our revenue.

  3. Top-notch Security: Our facilities are equipped with advanced security features such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and improved lighting, providing peace of mind to our customers.

  4. Appealing Aesthetics: Lantern Light Capital takes pride in maintaining visually appealing facilities,investing in fresh paint, landscaping, and modern signage to create a welcoming atmosphere.

  5. Tailored Unit Mix: Our team closely examines local market demands and adjusts the variety of unit sizes accordingly, ensuring we cater to our customers’ needs and optimize rental income.

  6. Value-added Services: We diversify our revenue streams by offering additional services such as truck rentals, moving supplies, and tenant insurance, providing convenience for our customers.

  7. Strong Online Presence: Our digital marketing team develops user-friendly websites with online reservation capabilities and engages in targeted online advertising, helping us reach a broader audience.

  8. Cost-efficient Operations: We are committed to reducing operating expenses through energy-saving solutions, strategic vendor negotiations, and automating billing processes.

  9. Expansion and Repurposing: At Lantern Light Capital, we identify opportunities for growth within our facilities, whether it’s expanding the number of units or repurposing unused spaces for complementary businesses that support our core services.

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