About Us

Jordan Kapper

With his wife Rebecca and the playful charm of their son Jordan Jr. (aka ‘Baby Kap’) always brightening his day, Jordan steers the financial and strategic side of Lantern Light Capital. His knack for delving deep into investment details helps us uncover and seize the most promising self-storage opportunities. Jordan’s dedication to rigorous analysis and system optimization forms a critical cornerstone of our investment strategy, enhancing facility performance while solidifying returns.

Ben Mason

Sharing his journey with his devoted wife Suma and the infectious energy of their daughter Amara, Ben embodies the spirit of resilience and commitment at Lantern Light Capital. After making his mark in the realm of physician staffing, Ben brought his entrepreneurial drive to the world of self-storage investments. His acumen for assembling and inspiring teams, coupled with savage negotiation skills, lets us secure storage facilities at fair prices, strengthening our portfolio and rewards for our investors. Ben’s approach to our work is a blend of sharp strategy and warm human touch, a balance that keeps our operations running smoothly.

Gabe Mahaney

Gabe Mahaney is the Operations Manager for Lantern Light. Gabe has a degree in Public Health and Biology, and he was a college wrestler at Baldwin Wallace University. His experience as a firefighter paramedic has taught him the importance of protocol, extreme organization, and quick and decisive decision making. Gabe, along with his wife McKenna (an L&D nurse) and daughter Vera, bring hard work with a touch of comedy to the operation, keeping everybody grounded and focused on the common goal.

The Story of Lantern Light

We live in an increasingly unpredictable world.  From climate change, to international conflict, to wildly fluctuating markets, there is less to be relied upon, especially for our money.  Starting in healthcare, and working in critical care areas through the pandemic, it seemed there was no clear pathway to financial freedom.  Then, a beacon came.  A nascent industry that had been largely ignored by many large institutions, was ripe for pursuit.  Hence, self storage investing became a newfound passion for those that seek to restore balance and stability to their portfolios.  Self Storage is truly the ‘light along the dark path’ of modern investing, especially in a tumultuous time with rising interest rates, and uncertainty in the residential real estate market..
Our co founders, Dr. Benjamin Mason and Dr. Jordan Kapper, saw how people were overly reliant on traditional securities as their only investment vehicle.  Seeing the emergence of self storage investing as a very stable and profitable asset class, the two co-founded Lantern Light Capital in order to give individual investors better access to self storage assets, which is one of the fastest growing and emerging vehicles for wealth generation.
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